M2M One network coverage and operating frequencies

M2M One network coverage and operating frequencies

The Telstra Mobile network offers the best breadth and depth of third generation mobile coverage in Australia covering more than 2.1 million square kilometers. The network provides mobile broadband access to 99% of Australians, spanning city to country and servicing  many remote coastal and rural communities.

Like any other mobile network, mobile coverage depends in part on where you are and what particular device you are using. To get the best out of mobile coverage in regional areas, it is recommended that you adopt an external antenna to increase the signal strength and coverage.

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Telstra Operating Frequencies:

  • 2G – 900Mhz (This frequency is being re-farmed for LTE and will no longer be available to 2G devices from December 1st 2016)
  • 3G – 850Mhz/2100Mhz (For the best coverage 850Mhz is a must have)
  • 4G/LTE – Telstra currently operates 5 frequencies for LTE these are listed below. The critical frequencies for all M2M/IoT applications are B3 & B28
    • B1 – 2100Mhz
    • B3 – 1800Mhz (Must have for M2M/IoT)
    • B7 – 2600Mhz
    • B8 – 900Mhz
    • B28 – 700Mhz (Must have for M2M/IoT)

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    • Technical Support Contacts

      You can call M2M One technical support on +61 3 9696 3011 – between 8:30am and 5:00pm (Melbourne Time) Monday to Friday. You can also submit a trouble ticket through support@m2mone.com.au or by using our Support Portal.
    • I have received my SIM card and it's not working

      Please check the following: Is the SIM inserted correctly? Is the hardware/device powered up correctly? Have you configured the correct APN? If possible check the devices SIM status (menu, GUI, LED, etc) or by issuing the AT command AT+CPIN? The ...
    • What APNs (Access Point Names) are available?

      M2M One can provision SIM cards with the following APNs: telstra.m2m – Assigns your device a private dynamic IP address with direct internet access using NAT. telstra.internet – Assigns your device a private dynamic IP address with direct internet ...
    • What is the SIM card IMSI?

      Each SIM card can be identified on each operatior network by its international mobile subscriber identity or IMSI. M2M One IMSI format is (15 digits): First 3 digits are Mobile Country Code (MCC). Next 2 digits are Mobile Network Code (MNC). Followed ...
    • What is the SIM card mobile number or MSISDN?

      Each SIM card has a unique mobile number or MSISDN. M2M One dispatch a packing slip with each order that lists each SIM with the mobile number(s). You can also get this information from the M2M One Control Centre or by contacting technical support ...