How do I activate a SIM Card?

How do I activate a SIM Card?

M2M One SIM cards activate automatically! – we like to keep things simple.

Unless specifically requested our M2M SIM cards are delivered in a “Test Ready” state. This allows a SIM to establish a data connection.

Once your device establishes a connection, the SIM is allowed to conduct up to 20KB of “Test Data” free of charge. Once your device has passed the 20KB limit it’s state will automatically move to “Activated”.

Note: During the time a SIM is in the “Test Ready” state, it is not billable.

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    • Can i deactivate a SIM card?

      Yes, absolutely. SIM cards can be moved to a “Deactivated” state – The “Deactivated” state does not allow a SIM to establish a data connection. You are free to do this at any point in the month. SIMs in “Deactivated” state are not usable but can be ...
    • What types of SIM cards do M2M One supply?

      M2M One stock 5 varieties of SIM cards M2M Standard (2FF) SIM Cards M2M Micro (3FF) SIM Cards M2M Nano (4FF) SIM Cards M2M Industrial Strength (Ruggedised 2FF) SIM Cards M2M Surface Mounted/Solderable SIM Chips For more details and specifications ...
    • What data plans do M2M One offer?

      M2M One offer Group data plans only GROUP Data Plans – SIMs on a group plan effectively share data with other SIMs on the same plan, for example if you have 5 x 10MB SIM cards you have a “pool” of 50MB of data shared between your fleet. This way if ...
    • What other features can I add to my SIM?

      M2M One currently offer the following features on our SIM Cards SMS Mobile Originating (MO) – SMS Messaging directly from your SIM/Device, this is charged on a Pay-Per Use rate. SMS Mobile Terminating (MT) – SMS Messaging sent to and received by your ...
    • How do I start with M2M One?

      To start connecting your devices with M2M One we require all customers to fill out our online sign up form which you can reach here or by clicking the Get Connected button anywhere you see it on the website. Once we have verified your details, we ...